What is Better? Natural Viagra, Viagra or Cialis?

Nowadays there are so many medicines for erectile dysfunction treatment, so that sometimes it is rather difficult to choose the best one among a great variety of medical drugs in a pharmacy. We all know that Viagra is probably the most famous and effective medicine for impotency curing. However, some men prefer natural preparations to world known drugs. One of such medicines is herbal Viagra. It is considered that taking of natural drugs will not only help you solve erectile dysfunction problems but will also nourish your organism with vitamins and useful ingredients.

In the past people also tried to strengthen and variegate their sexual life with the help of various medicines of alternative medicine. Though, the attempts were not very successful. If the remedy had some action it was just a happenchance and no more. If you want, you may also compare natural Viagra with modern tablets for impotency treatment and you really feel the difference.

Surely, herb Viagra pills that are made from natural ingredients will not cause any harm to your health. Natural preparations are usually prescribed for men with health problems, especially for those who suffer from cardio vascular diseases. But at the same they cannot guarantee you a strong and reliable effect.

There is one more drug, which is deemed to be an analogue of a well-known Viagra and now gradually becomes more and more popular. This medicine is Cialis. Nowadays some men prefer Cialis to Viagra, so let’s analyze this question. Cialis vs. Viagra acts longer and is frequently called a pill for a weekend. After taking only one pill of this drug men can feel its action during 36 hours. Such long effect allows men leading normal sexual life and not to think about drug intake constantly. Of course, this is a real advantage but still its benefits don’t fit to every person.

This can easily be explained. Erectile dysfunction is a disease, which is commonly faced by men after 50. Of course, younger generation also has such problems, but elder generation complains about problems with erection more often. Usually men in this age don't require active sexual life which will last during a weekend or even more. Time course of Viagra is 5-6 hours and this time is usually enough for normal sexual intercourse.

Cialis has a lot of benefits too, but according to the reviews of men, who managed to test it, erection after the intake of Cialis is not so stable as after Viagra. That is why millions of men still trust Viagra even in spite of the fact that the market is full of various modern analogues and generics.

If you doubt concerning the best medicine for you, you may ask the doctor's advice. Sometimes specialists may offer Viagra free trial and it means that you may test a well-known drug for free.

Surely everything, which is given by nature is more useful and cannot do harm our health. But from the other point of view, our society will not survive without some medicines that are regarded as synthetic. Sildenafil is not an exception because its action cannot be compared with natural analogues and the other modern drugs produced some time later after its invention.