Low Sexual Desire Syndrome and its Causes in Women

With much talk and discussions that take place about men’s sexual dysfunction issues, Viagra natural is considered to be one of the best solutions for men who suffer from this kind of condition. This condition arises in men for different reasons. However, due to the nature of the problem, it is often not discussed openly and many men hesitate to approach a doctor or a sexual expert.

Sexual Disorder in Women

The same condition often arises in women as well. This condition is characterized by low levels of sexual desire in women. It is medically known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD. It is found that women who are in their premenstrual age and stage in life often experience this kind of a condition.

Reasons for the Same

The reasons are several such as low level of self esteem. Women who are in a relationship but do not find the same spark and excitement in their lives often suffer from this condition. The other problems that can lead to this kind of condition is stress. Stress in looking after one’s family and other responsibilities such as financial commitments and work life are usually the main causes of stress at this stage in the lives of several women. As a consequence, many women suffer from this condition which reduces the urge or the desire to have sexual activity and it is often overlooked, leading to a dull relationship between a man and a woman in this stage of life. As a consequence, many people feel unfulfilled in their relationship and move apart as well.

Solution for Women

The solution has not been known to this problem and many women are also hesitant to acknowledge this condition in themselves. While women Viagra might seem like a solution, many have been unsure about what happens when a girl takes Viagra. Indeed, this drug has been designed to meet the sexual problems in men. As a result, women have not had a specific drug or medicine to treat this disorder. Many medical experts believe that a certain imbalance in the brain chemicals need to be brought about in order to excite or bring about sexual desire in a person.

Choosing the Right Medicine

Today there is much debate about Levitra vs Viagra as to which drug is safe and effective for usage by women who experience this kind of disorder. These drugs have been tested and approved by FDA but it is advised that one should approach medical experts or their doctor in order to discuss their condition and to know which drug should be resorted to or the dosage of the same. If these precautions are not taken, it would be dangerous to simply resort to a drug as there might be adverse complications. It is not recommended that drugs of this category are taken more than 100 mg dosage per day. Again, continuing for more than eight weeks is not recommended as well, especially of the person does not see any increase in their sexual activity or desires as a result of intake of the drug. These points need to be resorted to before one purchases the drug from online pharmacy Viagra.