Impotency: It is Better to Prevent This Disease Than to Treat It.

Erectile dysfunction is a disease, which is frequently caused by various factors. This is probably the most dangerous disease for men of any age and every healthy man remembers about it not more often than about a terrible nightmare. Nevertheless, there are simple recommendations, following which you will never know what weak erection is and probably you will not need Viagra over the counter.

Probably every man, who noticed weak erection, will surely start thinking that his normal sexual life is coming to the end and in order to have normal sexual intercourse he will be made to buy Viagra online. At first view it seems to be absurdly but one of the main reasons of erectile dysfunction is the psychological one. The aspiration to demonstrate men’s power at whatever cost more often leads to stresses and overpressure. As a result it may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Women should be more attentive to their partners and then their sexual life would be full of bright emotions instead of sad disappointments. Besides psychological reasons, there may be a lot of other factors that can help men have long and stable erection and they are the following:

  • Avoiding of long sexual abstinence,
  • Control of the quantity of drunk alcohol,
  • Prevention of genital system diseases,
  • Leading healthy way of life.

Those who still doubt that erectile dysfunction easily responds to treatment should rase such terrible thoughts from their mind and try free Viagra. If you have real problems with sexual power, don’t be afraid because you are not the only one under the sun, who faces this problem. Medicine and science have already invented remedy for fighting against this disease. The cost of Viagra is not low but the effectiveness of this pill was proved by millions of men.

The fact that men of various ages face erectile dysfunction is evident but younger generation used not to complain about this disease. In the 21st century almost every man is exposed to power loss and this disease is rather actual problem. But men potency can easily be restored due to Viagra. There is no need to explain what is Viagra, because intended purpose of this pill is well known to every person. But the question like how long does Viagra last really presses for a reply. After intake of one ‘blue pill’ you feel its action in 40-50 minutes and the action lasts during 5-6 hours. Time course is usually determined individually because we all are different as well as our organisms.

The effectiveness of this pill doesn’t require proof but besides drugs that will act at all accounts, there are some rules men should follow in order not to face problems with erection in future. Those who smoke should give up it immediately because this bad habit causes vasoconstriction and it has bad impact on erection. There is no need to speak about healthy way of life, physical exercises, healthy nutrition and so on. If you follow the above mentioned rules and still have problems with erection then it is time to fall back to medicines like Viagra or Cialis. Viagra vs. Cialis is more popular preparation but Cialis has one advantage – it acts substantially longer.