ED Solutions in Other Medicinal Forms

Men who suffer from erectile dysfucntion are often in a dilemma. This is a problem that many men do not want to talk about. It is a disorder that they do not want to acknowledge, even to their loved one. But it wreaks havoc in the conjugal lives of these men and their partners, especially when it is not addressed in time. Often, it is simply a matter of stress and low self confidence that is translated into premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. For these reasons, men seek out the one solution that has proven to show results for quite some time now.

Pros and Cons of Viagra

Viagra is the little blue pill that has gained world wide acclaim as a reliable solution for ED. Those who face this kind of problem can be assured of solution by intake of the pill. However, there are certain limitations of the pill that need to be considered as well. This being a branded medicine, it is highly priced in the market. The pill might be prescribed by a doctor for regular usage. However, with the high price of the pill it becomes a financial burden for many who need to take the pill regularly in order to keep up the cure for the problem. This drug is patented as well which makes it hard to find substitutes in the market. There are certain herbal supplements in the market which tend to be safer than Viagra but less effective in curing the problem of ED. Viagra also produces side effects like dizziness, light sensitivity, nausea and other symptoms which are often a problem for some.

Generic Substitutes and Their Availability

Many people have awaited for the generic solution to be made available in the market. Today the active ingredient in Viagra has been allowed to be manufactured in the form of generic drugs. Many wonder does generic Viagra work. Indeed, as there are several other supplements in the health market that are made of the same active ingredient, many might wonder whether these products will be as effective as the main medicine. For that reason it is necessary to know the details of the composition of any alternative drug taken up and how it will work on one’s system.

Not All Generic Medicine Will Be Equally Effective

When one is wondering when will generic Viagra be available one will need to understand the chemical composition of a medicine and how effective it will be for one’s condition. For that reason it is necessary to seek the advice of a medical practitioner. He or she will be able to advice which product will be right for one’ not all products that are composed of sildenafil as the active ingredient are prescribed for ED issues and this needs to be remembered in case one is prompted to self-medicate.

Opt for Online Supplies

For the generic supplements to be obtained at a discount one can order in their supplies from an online stores. Many dependable stores allow customers to obtain supplies in bulk and at considerable discount.